12-Watt 6in. CCT Selectable Slim Recessed LED Downlight 950 Lumens

Color Temperature: CCT Selectable
Pack Size: 6 Pack
Sale price$154.99


Embrace the future of lighting with the 12-Watt 6in. CCT Selectable Slim Recessed LED Downlight. Say goodbye to bulky cans and housings, as this sleek downlight requires just 2” clearance and fits seamlessly into your ceilings. As the epitome of elegance and efficiency, this slim-profile residential downlight is revolutionizing interior illumination. Its advanced tunable color technology empowers users with a choice of ambiance; switch between a warm 3000K, neutral 4000K, or bright 5000K to match your mood and decor. Whether it's the intimate corners of your attic or the bustling kitchen, or even the cozy ambiance of a retirement home hallway, this downlight is the ideal lighting companion, making the most of every limited space.

Key Features:

  • Space-Efficient Design: Eliminate the need for cans or housings; with its slim profile, it fits directly into ceilings with minimal clearance.
  • Tunable CCT Technology: Personalize your ambiance with selectable color temperatures of 3000K, 4000K, or 5000K.
  • Versatility at its Best: Perfect for a wide range of spaces, from kitchens and bathrooms to elevators and corridors.
  • Safety and Certifications: IP40 rated with ETL, FCC, RoHS, CE & Energy Star listings, ensuring you of its quality and safety.
  • Long-Lasting Performance: Equipped with a 5-year limited warranty, this 12W downlight promises efficiency with 71 LpW and dimmable capabilities.

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