130-Watt 2ft. (24") 18,500 Lumens Clear Diffuser 120-277VAC LED Linear High Bay

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Color Temperature: 5000K Daylight
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The Phos Light 130-Watt 2ft. (24") LED Linear High Bay is a powerful lighting fixture designed to provide efficient and high-quality illumination in industrial and commercial settings. Here's a detailed description of its features:

  1. High Wattage Output: With a power rating of 130 watts, this LED linear high bay emits a substantial amount of light suitable for illuminating large indoor spaces such as warehouses, factories, gymnasiums, and retail facilities. Its high wattage output ensures ample brightness and visibility in expansive areas.

  2. High Lumen Output: The fixture delivers an impressive lumen output of 18,500 lumens, providing bright and uniform illumination across the designated area. The high lumen output contributes to improved visibility, productivity, and safety in industrial and commercial environments.

  3. 2ft. (24") Length: The linear high bay is designed with a length of 2 feet (24 inches), making it suitable for installations in spaces with limited ceiling clearance or where precise light distribution is required. Its compact size allows for versatile placement options while maximizing lighting efficiency.

  4. Clear Diffuser: Equipped with a clear diffuser, the high bay ensures even light distribution and minimizes glare, creating a comfortable and visually appealing environment for occupants. The clear diffuser enhances the quality of light while reducing harsh shadows and hotspots.

  5. Wide Voltage Range: Designed to operate within a voltage range of 120-277 volts AC, the high bay offers compatibility with a variety of electrical systems commonly found in industrial and commercial settings. Its wide voltage range ensures reliable performance and easy integration into existing infrastructure.

  6. Energy Efficiency: Utilizing advanced LED technology, the high bay offers excellent energy efficiency compared to traditional lighting fixtures. LED lights are known for their low energy consumption and long lifespan, resulting in reduced operating costs and maintenance requirements over time.

  7. Durable Construction: Constructed with durable materials and engineered for reliability, the high bay is built to withstand the rigors of industrial environments. Its rugged housing and robust construction ensure long-term durability and resistance to impact, vibration, and environmental factors.

  8. Easy Installation: The high bay is designed for easy installation, with mounting hardware included for convenient setup on ceilings or suspension systems. Its user-friendly design simplifies the installation process, making it suitable for professional installers and facility managers.

  9. Versatile Application: This LED linear high bay is ideal for a wide range of indoor lighting applications, including warehouses, manufacturing facilities, distribution centers, gymnasiums, retail stores, and more. Its versatile design and powerful illumination make it adaptable to various industrial and commercial lighting needs.

In summary, the Phos Light 130-Watt 2ft. LED Linear High Bay combines high wattage output, energy efficiency, durability, and versatile design to provide reliable and effective lighting solutions for industrial and commercial environments.

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