14-Watt 6in. CCT Selectable Slim Recessed LED Downlight 1,000 Lumens

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Color Temperature: CCT Selectable
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The Phos Light 14-Watt 6in. CCT Selectable Slim Recessed LED Downlight is a versatile and energy-efficient lighting solution designed for residential and commercial applications. Here's a detailed description of its features:

  1. Low Wattage Consumption: With a power rating of 14 watts, this slim recessed LED downlight offers efficient illumination while consuming minimal energy. Its low wattage makes it an ideal choice for energy-conscious users looking to reduce electricity costs without compromising on light quality.

  2. 6in. Slim Design: The downlight features a slim and compact design with a 6-inch diameter, making it suitable for installations in ceilings with limited clearance or where a sleek and unobtrusive lighting fixture is desired. Its low-profile design seamlessly integrates into various architectural styles and interior spaces.

  3. CCT Selectable: This downlight offers CCT (Correlated Color Temperature) selectability, allowing users to adjust the color temperature of the light output according to their preferences or specific lighting requirements. The selectable CCT options typically range from warm white (around 2700K) to cool white (around 5000K), offering flexibility to create different atmospheres and moods.

  4. High Lumen Output: Despite its low wattage, the downlight delivers a high lumen output of 1,000 lumens, providing bright and uniform illumination in residential and commercial spaces. The high lumen output ensures ample brightness and visibility for various indoor applications.

  5. Slim Recessed Design: The downlight features a slim and recessed design that helps minimize visual clutter and create a clean and modern aesthetic. Its low-profile construction allows for seamless integration into ceilings, providing a streamlined and polished look to the interior environment.

  6. Energy Efficiency: Utilizing advanced LED technology, the downlight offers excellent energy efficiency compared to traditional lighting fixtures. LED lights are known for their long lifespan and low energy consumption, resulting in reduced operating costs and environmental impact over time.

  7. Easy Installation: Designed for hassle-free installation, the slim recessed LED downlight can be easily installed into compatible recessed lighting housings or directly into ceilings. Its simple and straightforward installation process makes it suitable for both professional electricians and DIY enthusiasts.

  8. Versatile Application: This LED downlight is suitable for a wide range of indoor lighting applications, including residential spaces, kitchens, living rooms, offices, retail stores, and hospitality venues. Its versatile design and customizable features make it adaptable to various lighting needs and preferences.

In summary, the Phos Light 14-Watt 6in. CCT Selectable Slim Recessed LED Downlight offers efficient, customizable, and aesthetically pleasing lighting solutions for residential and commercial environments, combining versatility, energy efficiency, and ease of installation.

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