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Upgrade your lighting fixtures with the PHOS LIGHT 48-Inch 4000K 12 Watt LED Glass T8 Hybrid Tubes, a high-performance and energy-efficient solution designed to enhance illumination quality and reduce energy consumption. Featuring advanced LED technology and durable glass construction, these hybrid tubes offer superior lighting performance and longevity for a wide range of commercial and industrial applications.

Key Features:

  1. High-Efficiency LED Technology: The PHOS LIGHT LED Glass T8 Hybrid Tubes utilize high-efficiency LED technology to deliver bright and uniform illumination with minimal energy consumption. With a power rating of 12 watts, these tubes provide ample light output while significantly reducing electricity costs compared to traditional fluorescent tubes.

  2. Durable Glass Construction: Constructed from premium-quality glass, the T8 Hybrid Tubes offer enhanced durability and resistance to breakage, ensuring long-lasting performance and reliability in demanding environments. The rugged glass construction also provides superior optical clarity and light transmission for optimal lighting efficiency.

  3. 48-Inch Length: The 48-inch length of the T8 Hybrid Tubes makes them compatible with standard T8 fluorescent tube fixtures, allowing for seamless retrofitting and easy replacement. Whether upgrading existing fixtures or installing new lighting systems, these tubes offer versatility and compatibility for a variety of applications.

  4. Instant-On and Flicker-Free: With instant-on functionality and flicker-free operation, the PHOS LIGHT LED Glass T8 Hybrid Tubes provide instant and consistent illumination without any delay or flickering. This ensures a comfortable and productive lighting environment for employees, customers, and occupants without the distractions associated with traditional fluorescent lighting.

  5. Mercury-Free and Environmentally Friendly: Unlike fluorescent tubes that contain harmful mercury, the PHOS LIGHT LED Glass T8 Hybrid Tubes are mercury-free and environmentally friendly, making them safe for use and disposal. By choosing LED technology, businesses and organizations contribute to environmental sustainability and reduce their ecological footprint.


  • Office Buildings: Illuminate office spaces, conference rooms, and corridors with energy-efficient and visually comfortable lighting that enhances productivity and well-being.
  • Retail Stores: Highlight merchandise displays, aisles, and signage with bright and uniform illumination that attracts customers and promotes sales.
  • Industrial Facilities: Provide reliable and durable lighting solutions for warehouses, manufacturing facilities, and production areas, ensuring safety and visibility for workers and equipment.

Upgrade Your Lighting with PHOS LIGHT:

Experience superior lighting performance and energy efficiency with the PHOS LIGHT 48-Inch 12 Watt LED Glass T8 Hybrid Tubes. With their advanced LED technology, durable construction, and compatibility with standard T8 fixtures, these tubes offer a cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution for commercial and industrial lighting applications. Illuminate your space with PHOS LIGHT and enjoy the benefits of high-quality lighting for years to come.

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