GE Refresh HD LED 65 Watt Replacement, Daylight, BR30 Indoor Floodlight Bulb (1 Pack)

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Our High Definition bulbs are an improved, energy-saving LED that enhance the appearance of colors. Experience the difference with bolder colors and enhanced contrast vs. Our standard LED bulbs. Refresh™ HD light offers a cool, invigorating light perfect for energizing moments and active spaces. Use refresh™ HD light in playrooms, home offices and laundry rooms.

  • 65 Watt replacement using only 8 Watts (650 lumens)
  • Rated to last 13.7 years with an annual operation cost of 0.96 dollars based on 3 hours per day use at 11 cents per KwH
  • Dimmable and works with most dimmer switches
  • Cool, bluish white high definition daylight light with 5000 Kelvin color temperature
  • Perfect for playrooms, home offices, and laundry rooms

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