General Purpose LED Light Bulb 100W EQ A19 E26

Color Temperature: 6500K Daylight
Pack Size: 24 Pack
Sale price$30.99


Lighting Key Features: 

  • Energy Savings: Consumes only 14W of power, effectively replacing a traditional 100W bulb and reducing energy costs.
  • High Luminosity: Emits a non-dimmable 1500 lumens of light, providing ample brightness for any room.
  • Easy Installation: Features an E26 medium screw base and standard A19 shape for hassle-free installation.
  • Cool Operation: With LED technology, the bulb stays cool to the touch even after extended use, eliminating overheating concerns.
  • Shatterproof Design: The bulb's plastic lens and shell are shatterproof, enhancing safety and durability.
  • Long-Lasting: Designed for longevity, ensuring that you will enjoy the benefits of this bulb for years to come.

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