IP65 Shoebox LED Street Light With Light Sensor 100W 150W 200W 300W

Lamp Power(W): 100
Color: Black
Emitting Color: White/Warm White/Cold White
Sale price$149.99


Illuminate your streets and outdoor spaces with the PHOS LIGHT IP65 Shoebox LED Street Light, featuring an integrated light sensor for enhanced efficiency and performance. Engineered for durability, energy efficiency, and superior illumination, this street light is designed to meet the demands of urban and commercial lighting applications while ensuring safety, visibility, and sustainability.

Key Features:

  1. IP65 Weatherproof Rating: The PHOS LIGHT Shoebox LED Street Light boasts an IP65 weatherproof rating, making it suitable for outdoor installations in various climates and environments. Constructed from durable materials, it is resistant to water, dust, and corrosion, ensuring long-lasting performance and reliability even in harsh weather conditions.

  2. High-Efficiency LED Technology: Equipped with advanced LED technology, this street light delivers bright and uniform illumination while consuming significantly less energy than traditional lighting sources. The high-efficiency LED modules provide exceptional luminous efficacy, reducing energy consumption and operating costs while maximizing light output and visibility.

  3. Integrated Light Sensor: Featuring an integrated light sensor, the PHOS LIGHT Shoebox LED Street Light automatically adjusts its brightness levels based on ambient light conditions. This intelligent feature enhances energy efficiency and ensures optimal illumination throughout the night, providing safety and security for pedestrians, motorists, and residents.

  4. Durable Construction: Built to withstand the rigors of outdoor environments, the street light features a rugged and durable construction that ensures reliability and longevity. Its sturdy housing and heat dissipation design ensure efficient heat management, prolonging the lifespan of the LED modules and components.

  5. Easy Installation and Maintenance: The PHOS LIGHT Shoebox LED Street Light is designed for easy installation and maintenance, with simple mounting hardware and wiring connections. Its modular design allows for hassle-free replacement of components, minimizing downtime and reducing maintenance costs over time.


  • Street Lighting: Illuminate roads, highways, intersections, and parking lots with bright and energy-efficient lighting that enhances safety and visibility for motorists and pedestrians.
  • Commercial and Industrial Areas: Provide security and illumination for commercial complexes, industrial facilities, and public spaces, ensuring a safe and well-lit environment for employees, customers, and visitors.
  • Residential Communities: Enhance the safety and aesthetics of residential neighborhoods, parks, and pathways with reliable and energy-efficient street lighting solutions that promote community well-being and security.

Illuminate Your Outdoor Spaces with PHOS LIGHT:

Experience superior illumination, energy efficiency, and reliability with the PHOS LIGHT IP65 Shoebox LED Street Light With Light Sensor. Designed to withstand the elements and deliver optimal performance in outdoor environments, this street light offers a sustainable and cost-effective lighting solution for urban and commercial applications. Illuminate your streets and outdoor spaces with PHOS LIGHT and enhance safety, visibility, and sustainability for your community.

IP65 Shoebox LED Street Light With Light Sensor 



Power LED Quantity Total light

Product Size

(Including packaging)

Net weight
FL-LD-JR2-1 100W   168Pcs 12500   550*290*130mm 4.9kg 
FL-LD-JR2-2 150W  240Pcs 18750   620*320*130mm  5.3kg
FL-LD-JR2-3 200W  320Pcs 25000 


FL-LD-JR2-4 300W 480Pcs 37500  730*390*145mm 6.51kg 


 product parameters

LED chip SMD3030
Color Temperature 3000-6500K
CRI ≥70
Power Factor ≥0.9
IP Rating IP65
Working Temperature -30~+50℃
Input Voltage AC100-305V
Warranty 5 year

Product display


Exploded view

Two adapters are optional:

adapter A


adapter B






5. Large-area integrated die-cast aluminum shell, integrated whole lamp heat dissipation

6. The appearance is generous and simple, and the installation is convenient.

7. High protection: IP65

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