LED Area/Site Light with Wattage Selector

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The Phos Light second generation AL2 Area Light White Series represents an innovative and advanced lighting solution for outdoor areas. Here's a comprehensive overview of its features:

  1. Enhanced Performance: The second-generation AL2 Area Light White Series offers improved performance and efficiency compared to its predecessors. With upgraded technology and design enhancements, it delivers superior lighting quality and reliability for outdoor applications.

  2. Versatile Illumination: Designed for outdoor areas such as parking lots, pathways, streets, and commercial spaces, the AL2 Area Light provides versatile illumination to enhance visibility and safety during nighttime hours. Its wide beam coverage ensures uniform light distribution across the designated area.

  3. Energy-Efficient LED Technology: The area light is equipped with energy-efficient LED technology, which offers significant energy savings compared to traditional lighting sources. LED technology not only reduces electricity costs but also minimizes environmental impact, making it a sustainable lighting solution.

  4. Customizable Options: The AL2 Area Light White Series may offer customizable options to suit specific lighting requirements and preferences. These options may include adjustable brightness levels, color temperature settings, motion sensors, and dimming capabilities, providing flexibility and control over the lighting system.

  5. Durable Construction: Constructed from high-quality materials, the AL2 Area Light is built to withstand outdoor elements such as rain, snow, and UV exposure. Its durable housing ensures resistance to corrosion, impact, and harsh weather conditions, ensuring long-term durability and reliability.

  6. Modern Design: The second-generation AL2 Area Light features a modern and sleek design that complements various outdoor architectural styles and aesthetics. Its contemporary appearance adds a touch of sophistication to outdoor environments while providing functional illumination.

  7. Easy Installation: The area light is designed for easy installation, with mounting hardware and instructions included for convenient setup. Its user-friendly design simplifies the installation process, allowing for quick and hassle-free integration into existing outdoor lighting systems.

  8. Long Lifespan: LED technology offers a long operational lifespan, ensuring reliable performance and minimal maintenance requirements for the AL2 Area Light. Its extended lifespan reduces the need for frequent bulb replacements, resulting in cost savings and reduced downtime.

  9. Compliance and Certification: The AL2 Area Light White Series may comply with relevant industry standards and certifications for safety, performance, and energy efficiency. These certifications ensure product quality and reliability, providing peace of mind to users and installers.

In summary, the Phos Light second generation AL2 Area Light White Series offers advanced features, energy efficiency, durability, and versatility for outdoor lighting applications. Its superior performance and modern design make it an ideal choice for illuminating outdoor spaces while enhancing safety, security, and visibility.

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