LED Desk Lamp with Alarm Clock & Wireless Charger

Lamp Power(W): 5W,15W,10W,7.3W
Lamp Sizes: Middle
Sale price$71.99


Introducing the Phos Light LED Desk Lamp with Alarm Clock & Wireless Charger, an innovative lighting solution that combines functionality, convenience, and modern design. Perfectly suited for hotels, guest rooms, offices, and residential spaces, this multi-functional lamp enhances both productivity and relaxation while seamlessly integrating essential features for modern living.

Key Features:

  1. LED Lighting Technology: The Phos Light LED Desk Lamp utilizes cutting-edge LED technology to provide efficient and reliable illumination. LED bulbs offer bright, energy-efficient light that is gentle on the eyes, making it ideal for reading, working, or ambient lighting.

  2. Integrated Alarm Clock: Never miss an appointment or wake-up call with the integrated alarm clock feature. The Phos Light Desk Lamp's built-in alarm clock ensures timely alerts, allowing users to stay on schedule and start their day with ease.

  3. Wireless Charging Capability: With its built-in wireless charging pad, the Phos Light Desk Lamp offers a convenient solution for charging compatible devices such as smartphones, tablets, and other Qi-enabled gadgets. Simply place your device on the charging pad, and enjoy hassle-free charging without the need for cables or adapters.

  4. Adjustable Lighting Modes and Brightness Levels: Customize your lighting experience with adjustable lighting modes and brightness levels. The Phos Light Desk Lamp offers multiple lighting options, including warm and cool color temperatures, as well as adjustable brightness settings, allowing users to create the perfect ambiance for any task or mood.

  5. Sleek and Space-Saving Design: Featuring a sleek and compact design, the Phos Light Desk Lamp fits seamlessly into any environment without taking up valuable space. Its minimalist silhouette and contemporary aesthetics complement a variety of decor styles, making it a versatile addition to hotel rooms, bedside tables, desks, and more.

  6. Touch-Sensitive Controls: Intuitive touch-sensitive controls make operating the Phos Light Desk Lamp effortless and convenient. Users can easily adjust the lamp's settings, including brightness, color temperature, and alarm clock functions, with a simple touch of the panel.

  7. USB Charging Port: In addition to wireless charging, the Phos Light Desk Lamp is equipped with a USB charging port, providing an additional charging option for devices that do not support wireless charging. This versatile feature ensures compatibility with a wide range of electronic devices.

  8. Popular Choice for Hotels and Hospitality: Renowned for its versatility, functionality, and contemporary design, the Phos Light Desk Lamp with Alarm Clock & Wireless Charger is a popular choice among hotels and hospitality establishments worldwide. Its combination of essential features, including LED lighting, alarm clock, wireless charging, and USB port, makes it an ideal lighting solution for guest rooms, lobbies, and common areas.

Upgrade your lighting experience with the Phos Light LED Desk Lamp with Alarm Clock & Wireless Charger and enjoy the perfect blend of style, convenience, and versatility. Whether you're staying in a hotel room, outfitting your workspace, or enhancing your home environment, this multi-functional lamp is designed to meet your diverse needs and exceed your expectations.


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