LED Fill Light Plant Growth Lamp

Color: White
Sale price$23.18


Boost plant growth with our energy-efficient LED Fill Light Plant Growth Lamp. This lamp provides the full spectrum of light needed for optimal photosynthesis, leading to healthier and faster-growing plants. Scientifically designed to mimic natural sunlight, it is perfect for indoor gardening and hydroponics.

Lighting style: plant light 80 beads 9W
The potted range is 30-80 square centimeters or less.
Installation distance: The installation distance is about 1 meter from the plant
Irradiation range: cover the width of the plant surface 180ᄚ
Filling time: complete indoor planting, about 12 hours of sunlight + artificial light, cumulative over 12 hours;
Plants with high light compensation point, increase the number of lights, increase the power or extend the fill light time

Package Content:
Decorative light*1

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