LED Grow Light Full Spectrum Angel Ring

Color: Doubleheaded Sunshine
Sale price$48.08


As an industry expert, our full spectrum LED grow light with its unique Angel Ring design ensures optimal plant growth with up to 100% coverage of required light spectrum. Improve plant health and yield with this professional-grade light source, perfect for indoor gardening and hydroponic systems.

1. Different plant fill light: simple and versatile, easy to blend into the flowers, and easily build your desktop ecological micro landscape
2. Bring healthy growth to your plants: promote growth, enhance color and brighten, prevent excessive growth, prolong the flowering period, photosynthesis can be carried out even in the room with lack of light, and it will be vigorous and vigorous.
3. Usb power supply, free and convenient installation
4. Full spectrum, no flicker, high quality

Power factor:3.3w-10w
Shell:material: zinc alloy
Weight:130 (g)
Size:90*90*5.8 (mm)

Packing list
Plant light growth light*1

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