Phos Light LED Floodlight MFD11 Series 120W 5000K LM

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The Phos Light LED Floodlight MFD11 series is an advanced lighting solution designed to provide powerful illumination for various outdoor applications. With its cutting-edge LED technology, the MFD11 series offers exceptional brightness while being energy-efficient and durable.

Key features of the Phos Light LED Floodlight MFD11 series include:

  1. High Luminosity: The MFD11 series delivers high-intensity light output, making it suitable for illuminating large outdoor areas such as parking lots, sports fields, building facades, and landscapes.

  2. Energy Efficiency: Utilizing energy-efficient LED technology, these floodlights consume significantly less power compared to traditional lighting fixtures, helping to reduce energy costs and environmental impact.

  3. Long Lifespan: The LED light source of the MFD11 series has an extended lifespan, providing reliable performance for thousands of hours of operation. This longevity minimizes maintenance requirements and ensures consistent illumination over time.

  4. Durable Construction: Constructed with robust materials and designed to withstand harsh outdoor environments, the MFD11 series is built to last. It is resistant to corrosion, water ingress, and impact, ensuring reliable performance even in challenging conditions.

  5. Adjustable Design: The floodlight fixtures in the MFD11 series often feature adjustable brackets or mounting options, allowing for flexible installation and precise light direction. This adaptability enables users to customize the lighting coverage according to their specific requirements.

  6. Wide Beam Angle: The MFD11 series typically offers a wide beam angle, ensuring broad coverage and uniform light distribution across the illuminated area. This feature enhances visibility and safety in outdoor spaces.

  7. Optional Features: Depending on the model, the MFD11 series may offer additional features such as motion sensors, dusk-to-dawn sensors, or dimming capabilities, providing further customization and energy savings options.

Overall, the Phos Light LED Floodlight MFD11 series combines superior performance, energy efficiency, and durability to meet the demanding lighting needs of outdoor environments, making it a reliable choice for various commercial, industrial, and residential applications.

Watts: 120W

Voltage: 120W 120-277V

Dist Type: 7Hx7V

CRI: 70

Lumens 3000K - 17500lm 146 lm/W

Lumens 4000K - 18000lm 150 lm/W

lumens 5000K - 18000lm 1

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