Plant Fill Light 220V Full Spectrum Hard Strip

Color: Sunbeam6 pack
Electrical outlet: 220V US
Sale price$79.99


Enhance the growth of your plants with the Plant Fill Light 220V Full Spectrum Hard Strip. This strip provides full spectrum lighting specifically designed for plants, allowing for optimal photosynthesis and growth. With 220V power, it is perfect for use in any indoor gardening environment.

Product information:

Power: 21W(inclusive)-30W(inclusive)
Whether the lamp has a light source: Yes
Switch type: Single controller
Switching voltage: 100V-240V
Lamp body quality: copper
Type of light source: led lamp

Lamp bead: 2835 LED chip
Number of lamp beads: 75
Light bar size: 50 * 1.5cm
Input voltage: AC220V
Wire length: 1m with wire switch

Packing list:

1/*2/*3/*4/*5/*6*Plant fill light lamp

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