Plant Growth Lamp

Model: US
Size: 15W
Sale price$44.99


This Plant Growth Lamp promotes healthy growth for indoor plants by providing essential light wavelengths. With a professional tone and factual information, this lamp can increase plant growth by up to 25% and is a must-have for any indoor gardening enthusiast.

Functions and features:
* Supports USB power port and supports multiple power modes.
* Light weight and easy to install. Very practical and easy to use.
* Full spectrum! The large lighting area allows your plants to grow more efficiently.
* Three lighting modes: red, blue lighting, red and blue lighting! Use manual switch to change freely.
* Switch among the three bulbs in sequence! You can light one bulb, two bulbs at the same time, or three bulbs at the same time.
* 5 adjustable levels. 20% and 40% of 80%, 100%, 60% provide different brightness options for your plants.
* With timer function. According to your needs, it can time 4 hours, 8 hours, 12 hours lighting time.
* With memory function. When the lamp is turned on again, the lighting mode is the same when it was turned off for the last time.
* 360 degree adjustable lamp head. You can change the lighting angle and height of the bulb as needed.
* IP66 high moisture resistance and waterproof performance.
*Product Name: USB LED Plant Growth Light
*Colour: Black
* Plug type: USB port
*Input voltage: 5V DC
*Rated current 2000 mA
*Service life: more than 50000 hours
*Line length: about 60cm
*Switch type: automatic memory switch
* Material: high-quality metal and plastic, made of durable and practical metal and plastic

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